Ticket Information

We are very pleased to host the sixth edition of RustFest in Barcelona, Spain.

Tickets are now on sale — click here to get yours!

When RustFest started three years ago (it’s been three years!) it was a small, cozy, simple event. In the following years we have doubled in size, visited various corners of the continent, and have been adding side events and implementing a variety of features to make RustFest even more awesome, enjoyable and accessible. While all this happened, one of our tenets of keeping RustFest accessible was keeping the ticket price down, to avoid making RustFest something that only a select few could afford, or only those whose employer were paying. We wanted everyone to be able to experience RustFest and not feel bad about spending a lot of money on something that might have been only a hobby, or matter of curiosity to them. We have added and continuously improved our Scholarship programs to provide even more opportunities to participate.

With that, it wasn’t just RustFest that grew—our budget requirements have also doubled. With partnerships & sponsorships we always managed to break even, but going forward we would like to better distribute the load of keeping RustFest accessible among our attendees. This means we are revamping our ticket policy, centered around our new Community and Full-price tickets.

We didn’t want to make this any more complicated than it absolutely needs to be, so our Community Tickets are available in Tito for anyone to purchase, just as our Full-Price Tickets — but we ask those of you who can afford the Full-Price tickets, or whose tickets are paid or reimbursed by their employer to choose the Full-Price ticket and help us in organizing great conferences in the years to come. The number of Community Tickets are limited, but in case they sell out fast, you will be able to sign up to the waitlist and we may release more of them if we can be sure our budget can take it.

Also, just like in previous years, you will again be able to get an extra 50% discount on top of the reduced Community Ticket price if you are currently enrolled in an education institution, just add the STUDENT discount code before your checkout. This discount is also limited to a handful of tickets — and don’t forget to bring along your student ID to the conference!

Mini-Sponsorship Tickets

Something new this year! Do you know of others from your company who were also planning to join us at RustFest? You can now buy a Mini Sponsorship ticket straight from our Tito page, that not only gets you two full tickets to the conference, but comes with extra perks, such as company logo placement and you are directly supporting our Scholarship fund!