FOSS at RustFest


We give out travel and attendance grants to FOSS contributors. These often take the form of tickets and travel grants. Usually, these take the form of a campaign, such as the libz blitz grant. We also assist project contributors to come to RustFest in other ways, for example by finding sponsors for them.

impl days

After RustFest, there’s usually impl days. Kicked off as an idea from the Rust project, we meet after the conference for usually 2 days in the form of a large hackfest. impl days are usually smaller than the conference and happen at other venues, but spawn new projects or learning experiences!

RustFest is an open project

Anyone can express interest to join, and especially: all our material is free and can be used from our online repository. This especially applies to all text and writing on our websites, outside of personal pictures and bios.

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